Christmas Photoshoot

This past weekend we went downtown to take some family pictures. They came out great!

Christmas 2009

This was our first Christmas together after being married. Jamie had the whole week off and also was able to get the following week off as well.

Jamie and I decided to open our gifts on Christmas Eve since we knew we were going to have a busy day on Christmas. And we would be traveling the following week.

Christmas morning we spent over to the Barrows’ house exchanging gifts with the family. Afterward, we watched a movie and had dinner. Later that evening we had met up again and played card games.

On Sunday we drove to Atlanta to catch our flight to Frozen Tundra of the North (AKA Ohio). We made our connection with no problems at all. And the flight was uneventful.

When we landed we were greeted with an inch of snow and more coming down. It’s about a 45 minute drive to the Long family home. So the continued snowfall was a bit of concern. But made it safely and thankfully we were in a 4 wheel drive vehicle. So despite the snow, we were able to drive up the driveway. Otherwise, we would have had to walk all the way up in the snow. There were many activities planned for the week and the whole family trickled in over the next few days. Each day it snowed a little more.

On New Year’s Eve we exchanged gifts and then sat around and visited with each other. Later we played with the nephews until it was time for the ball to drop. Jamie and I had the privilege of staying up with our nephews Landon (5) and Layton (3) to bring in the 2010 Year!! The next day was the Traditional Christmas Dinner with the Long family and Mr. Keith.
Saturday everyone headed out. Each going their separate ways back to their homes. We drove from Ohio to Atlanta on Saturday and then Sunday we headed back to Florida looking forward to warmer weather. When we arrived here we found out it was going to be a cold week and every day it was to be below freezing at night. So I guess the cold followed us home.

Our First Thanksgiving

Fried Turkey

This year was our first Thanksgiving together as a married couple. And it turned out to be a pretty big event. The meal was eaten at my parents house and we needed two whole tables to fit everyone. We had lots family over and even some of Emily’s (my sister) college friends over for the big meal.

Along with this being Kierra’s first Thanksgiving with my family it was also my Uncle’s wife and two daughters first Thanksgiving ever. We had a great time getting together and enjoying one another’s fellowship. For the meal we had three different turkeys –smoked, fried and traditionally oven cooked turkey. As well as all the mashed potatoes, stuffing, and veggies we could eat. After the meal we all got together and played phase ten and Nintendo Wii all while eating home made apple and pumpkin pie. The festivities lasted late into the evening.

You can check out all the pics on our Pictures page – Thanksgiving 2009