Blue Angels

These are the pictures we took while we were at Pensacola Beach. Team RV flew first which are the guys who built their airplanes in a garage. After that the Blue Angels flew.

House Repainting Finished

Kierra picked out an amazing color for our house. And we just finished painting it. So we are posting some before and after pics here for your enjoyment.

The white walls are from before we painted, and the green is after we were done.

New color for our Kitchen

As part of our continuing remodel/redecorate efforts, Kierra and I decided to repaint the Kitchen. Kierra chose a navy blue that accented the natural finish of the cabinets. It looks great!

Below are some before and after pictures of the Kitchen.

New Deck Pictures

Over the last two weeks we finally finished redoing our deck. That is, staining it and adding deck furniture. It came out pretty good. So we thought we would post some pics for people to see.

Easter Pics

Pics taken on Easter Sunday.

Remodeled Upstairs Bathroom

Since the downstairs bathroom came out so well, we got inspired to do one of the Upstairs bathrooms. And I must say, it came out very nice indeed.

Marine Ball

This past weekend we went to the Marine Ball in Mobile.

An Early Thanksgiving

Kierra and I celebrated an early Thanksgiving with Lew and Kaelah at their house in Atlanta. It was a lot of fun, and afterward we went downtown to Macey’s to ride the “Pink Pig.”

Bathroom Remodel

Kierra and I have been wanting to remodel our downstairs bathroom almost since we moved in. But haven’t had the time. But over the last two weeks we finally managed to carve out enough time to actually finish it. And it looks pretty good.