Christmas Photoshoot

This past weekend we went downtown to take some family pictures. They came out great!

Adrienne’s Birthday

Yesterday we celebrated Adrienne Barrows’ birthday. She was born by c-section after 29 hours of labor. And she was perfect. I’ve posted just a few pics below. We should have more in the coming days.

Christmas 2010 Pics

We celebrated Christmas here in Florida with the Barrows. We had a lot of fun and took a whole lot of pictures.

Saying goodbye

King Neptune Beach

Friday evening at Trenten’s and Ashton’s; Dinner at Pungo Pizza & Ice Cream

Played some wii and then realized we had a car problem. After the car was fixed we all went to Pungo Pizza & Ice Cream. We had some really good Garlic Knots and Pizza. By the time we were all done eating there was no room for the Ice Cream.

Dinner at Tavis’ and Kendal’s

Thursday we had an Italian dinner made by Kendal and we also had Tavis’ famous meatballs. For dessert we had ladybug cupcakes. Afterward the kids went swimming.