Jamie’s Story

Kierra's brother Taaron

Kierra's brother Taaron

It all started with Kierra’s brother, Taaron. Me and my brother had been playing pickup soccer with a group of our friends for quite a while. One day Taaron joined us and really got into the game. He became something of a regular at the soccer games, and I got to know him pretty well. In fact, we started hanging out together quite a bit.

Taaron suggested that a group of us should go on vacation to his parents house, that summer. The idea was to drive up there and spend a whole week checking out the attractions in and around Ohio. We planned to make a trip up to the Cedar Point amusement park and also to check out Amish country. It sounded like fun. Since I didn’t have any plans for summer vacation that year, I decided to go for it.

When we got to Ohio, I was introduced to Taaron’s family. At least to those family members who were home. One of the people I met, was his sister Kierra. Right away I could tell she was special.

Kierra Long

Kierra Long

The first time I saw Kierra, she had just got home from work at Walmart. She was wearing her Walmart outfit, a pair of khaki cargo shorts and a blue polo shirt. Right away, I thought she was beautiful. But I, didn’t know anything about her. At least not at first. But the more I talked to her and got to know her, the more attracted I was to her. She was beautiful, had a great personality, and really seemed to love her family. The only problem was that she didn’t seem the least bit interested in me. I assumed that probably meant she was already dating someone. Or that she simply didn’t find me attractive. So that was as far as it went.

I had a great time on the vacation, and then went home. I assumed I would probably never see her again, and since she didn’t seem all that interested in me, that was okay.

A few months went by, and I found Taaron on MySpace. Through his page, I found his sisters(Kierra and Kaelah), and I sent them friend requests as well. Both accepted me and Kierra posted a message on my wall. So I posted back. From there, it went on to more messages. At some point, we switched to Facebook for our communications. I also started calling Kierra. Just once a week or every other week at first. After all, I still didn’t think she was interested in me. So I was just being friendly. But as time went on, the messages, emails and phone calls got more and more frequent. Once in a while we would also see each other when Kierra and Kaelah would come down from Atlanta to visit their brother Taaron.

Around this time, I got a new job with a military contractor. The pay was really good, but the job involved extended overseas travel. Up to three months at a time! While I was traveling, the frequency of our emails increase to two or three a day. I’m sure we would also have been calling each other, but my phone access was limited where I was. So email was the only real form of communication available. But it was clear from the email conversations(two or three page emails to each other) that we were both very interested in each other.

When I got back from traveling, I took a few days off and spent them with Kierra. And I just knew that I had found someone special. So on the 22nd of July 2008, we officially started dating. On October 10 2008, we got engaged. And on July 4th 2009, we got married.

So there you have it. The history of how we met. Kind of boring huh? :)

Jamie and Kierra

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2 thoughts on “Jamie’s Story

  1. Bill says:

    Oh, not boring. I am absolutely delighted that you wrote this up. GREAT WordPress Theme and setup, quite elegant.

    You two look so alike that you could be twins!!!

    People were always asking me and Joanna if were were brother and sister before we were married, we look alike too.

  2. Kierra's brother Taaron says:

    Were in the world did you find such an awful picture?

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